Hedge funds as owners/managers

Just curious if anyone has had a direct knowledge of whether large hedge funds who purchase and run a MH Park can do it well?

In the single family house rental market where I live in Southern California, large hedge funds like Blackstone have been buying up houses right and left, paying full retail Current Market Value in line with the current condition. Then they try to manage fix-up and then rent-up in wide geographic areas and just can’t seem to do anywhere near what us small-guy local experienced investors can do. A typical mistake is trying to get their 7% ROI and end up spending too much on the rehab and then having to charge too much rent to get their return. Then the house sits empty for months and just wondering if a similar experience happens to them in MH Park investing?

Not sure.  I think you’d need to be an LP in one of their funds and ask some probing questions to really understand how much money PE firms are going to make by purchasing the over-priced ‘lifestyle’ MHPs in places like FL, CA, and AZ.Here is an article about another PE firm dipping their toes in ‘our’ MHP waters:http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-03-25/tricon-targets-upscale-mobile-home-parks-in-u-s-bet.htmlHere’s to still being able to buy MHPs below their radar screen - for now,-jl-