Heat Tape

We recently installed water meters at our park in Northern Kentucky and installed them in the crock in lieu of under the trailer to make them more accessible. The line to the trailer from the crock goes underneath the crock then comes up to the trailer and the heat tape is partially buried in the dirt will the heat tape still work properly if it is under ground or do you suggest insulating that portion of pipe that is under ground? Any suggestions would be appreciated.Thank youLuke  

Crock in the Lieu sounds like an old English village. What is it?

you must be one of my tenants

I’ve never heard of “crock” either, except as a cooking tool or a name for B.S. Are you talking about what we call the “water box” – where the water shut-off is to the house? I also have a park in northern Kentucky (Elsmere outside Cincinnati) and I’ve never heard that term before.

yes crock is the same as water box.

Related question. I know my newly acquired trailer had a bad time with freezing water lines. As if the multiple brooder lamps and miles of extension cords, yet rather limited heat tape didn’t tell the story for me.In reality is the best practice to run heat tape down the lines and wrap them with insulation? Should lines be tacked up closer to the floor and then insulate the floor? Located in Central Illinois, out on the frozen tundra. Last winter was a beast, -20 for a couple days. I want to do it right and try to make the trailer as energy efficient as possible… most of the insulation under the floor has fallen down or been removed. However… insulate the floor too well and leave the water lines out, no house heat escapes to under the trailer? Or leave the job of keeping pipes warm to the heat tape?