Has anyone ever rented out a travel trailer?

Good early morning everyone,

I’m purchasing a horse property with a two bedroom house on the property, fenced in. There is a RV hookup on the far end of the property. I own a travel trailer that is paid off and it seems like a good place to park it and rent it out. I live in a high demand area and I know I could rent it.

My fear is that a trailer is basically plastic on wheels, and I’m fearful my phone will never stop ringing with repair calls.

Does anyone have experience with this?

You could write the rental agreement with the wording that all repairs are renters responsibility up to a certain level. I would also write in the agreement that you have inspection rights to the unit. As a landlord you are responsible to make sure the unit has working smoke detectors and you can wrap in to that a water system inspection to make sure there are no leaks and the faucets are not dripping. This last part allows you to see how the renter is treating your property over time and it gives you a chance to put together a repair list and discuss it with the renter. Above all, tenant screening is key.

Have you looked at the market for people bringing in their own RV and you only renting the lot, or selling your RV to the tenant for cash?

I would not want to rent an RV - ever.