Has anyone dealt with a company called upward homes or infill masters?

We received an email from a company called infill masters who said they have used homes for sale that they will deliver to your park. They had a home near one of our parks so we went under contract to buy one. They seemed legit so we wired 10k with the balance to be paid when the home is delivered. we received a signed contract. The delivery date came and went and since then they have been giving one excuse after the other. Now, it appears this company is a total scam and Ive got my attorney involved. I wanted to see if anyone else has dealt with them and also to warn everyone not to do any business with this company. They appear to be out of Kansas and they change they have changed their company name a couple of times.


Before you come and slander a company on a forum post you should probably know the facts instead of telling lies… You were under a contract as was the homeowner. Apparently you have not had to deal with many mobile home movers because dates get pushed sometimes and that is out of our control. Instead of working with us on this matter to find another moving company. You decided to “break” the contract. You did that on the 7th of September and by the 13th you were making this post. We have stayed in contact with you. Our refund policy says that it will be processed within 30 days once you give a weeks notice that you do not want to proceed with a transaction. You didn’t even wait the full week…?? Then you say that we have operated under “other names” which is completely false. We take care of every investor and park owner that we work with and this matter will be no different. I do apologize that this has happened. We never intend for a unsatisfied client and in this case I offered you different options to resolve this matter. We had other homes, we could find a different mover, or a refund. You wanted a refund and that is fine. But we have a refund process for a reason so i ask you for patience. Honestly that is something we have not received from you during this transaction. As mentioned I can not control a moving company. But in the future I would hope before you try to intentionally hurt the image of a business. You will tell the whole story and not just what your “assumptions” are. Thank you!

I have ZERO sympathy for POACHERS who dont even move the homes themselves. They just scan FB and make their lowball offers. Then play musical chairs with Park owners! I wont name names unless Im called a liar. We all know they’re out there. Good Luck!

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The first red flag was that you “went under contract” to buy a mobile home. You pay, you get a title and/or bill of sale. Stop buying houses from these flippers. As a setup contractor I have encountered exactly zero that know what they’re doing. Start turning their “businesses” into your local DOI for being a dealer without a license. Most states have laws that only allow 0-2 MH sales per year without one.