Happy New Year 2008!

Hello MHU friends, acquaintances, and newbies.

Are you ready for the New Year, I hope so because it’s upon us, do you have a plan in place for the new year to make this year better than the past year, I hope so because I can tell you it won’t be any different or any better unless you have set goals and put a plan in place to take yourself to the next level.

Plan on obtaining the knowledge and experience you need to move yourself forward toward achieving your goals, attend seminars, purchase the programs that target the area’s you need more experience in and listen to them over and over until you get it, surround yourself with like minded people, positive people who are moving forward and accomplishing things not standing still and waiting for it to happen.

When in doubt about something or you stumble across a situation you’ve not experienced before, post your question here on the forum there are people here with years of experience in the business from doing Lonnie deals to land home packages and owning multiple mobile home parks, they are more than willing to share their experience and help answer your questions. I have had many of my own questions answered by those with more experience than myself.

As for myself I am excited about the new year, in the coming months I will be sharing with you a new opportunity that I will be involved in that will keep me very busy. As many of you know I love this business, best of luck to all of you in the new year, did I say luck forget about luck just go make it happen, create the life you want for yourself.