Happy Holidays y'all

hope the season finds everyone in good health and raring to go for the New Year. To the true heroes out there there is still a week to do another deal this year! LOL

To the folks that celebrate Christmas (I do) , may God’s Peace be with you!

To the MHU crew, thank you for the privelege of letting me co-host this forum, it’s a true honor. To all the investors that take time out of their busy days to share information and concerns here a humble Thanks! To the newbie, Welcome. To the Bloggers, keep it up please, you have all taught me so much, and i really look forward to updates.

To the folks that host seminars, workshops, Bootcamps, and meetings keep up the good works…a scan of this forum and CRE shows us how many lives are impacted by these events…well done.

Happy Investing All and a safe and prosperous New Year,

Greg Meade

I also celebrate the season and hope that you will rejoice in the reason for the season, may God’s love be with you!

To all those who post questions thank you, whether you realize it or not it is your questions that fuel the forum so that we may learn from from one another’s knowledge and experience.

I am truly greatful to all my friends and aquaintences in the MHU community and their willingness to give back, at what ever their experience level.

Greg thank you so very much for co-hosting the forum, you have a wealth of knowledge which you openly share, and how can we thank you enough for hosting the yearly MOM meeting which has become an event in and of itself where a wealth of knowledge is offered by various speakers for all to learn and best of all the event is free.

I wish for all that you will be blessed with success in the coming year with all your business ventures.