Had two investors

from this forum come visit me Friday for a two hour tour and we ended up spending most of the day together. Looked at the park,a couple of rentals I was getting rent ready, visited with rehab crew on a refurb (metal roof, vinyl siding, C-spray ceiling panels,paint,lino (12 inch squares), and 4 land home packages in different stages of completion.

They helped me make a dump run, erect a car port (don’t ask), and got to see the good and not so good in my market.

I post about this because not only is this a friendly community but it can be an educational one as well. folks just starting out really need to try to find a niche that brings them money and joy (maybe not in that order)

Think about it…there is a wealth of info out here from folks actually doing different portions of this business. In my area within a half day’s drive of home I can phone or email:

Fred Balke or Steve Case for detailed info on larege Parks or SS.

Karl Warner for dd or platted subdivision Parks.

Tony or Scott for detailed info on small Parks and L/H packages.

Lin for SS info(and apartments!).

David Protiva, Daph and John Lowe, Jim and Ellen Brenn, Rick Ewens, for Park info

Ryan and the NC crew for l/H info and small parks.

Anne for Lonnie deals and Notes (buying or selling)

With few exceptions, I can make an appointment and come tour their areas and get a “hands on” feel for exactly what they do and how they do it!!These are people I respect and emulate…some of them write books,all actually work “hands on” in their fields.

Do you know how valuable this is to a new investor?

I have these resources by going to these meets and seminars and NETWORKING.

It gives me such joy to be able to give some of this back by passing on the small amounts of info I have gained…free of charge.

To the new person reading this post believe me when I tell you these meets are a must if you are ever to succeed in this business. You have a great meet coming up in Austin, TX in MHM6 and one in Aug with Tony and Scott in NC. I will have A MOM in Nov with the Lowes co-hosting near Atlanta.

Kenny and Sandy Koo thank you so much for sharing a small part of your busy day with me. I feel the enthusiasm and energy y’all have and I know you will have a L/H done by November. This was a great day for me!

They can also verify that I DO live in a trailer, as does my partner, and my Mayor!