Greeter's home, please critique

Here is my idea and questions regarding a home for a greeter to be put on lot #1 at the entrance to the park:

I want to bring in a 14 X 66 2/2 in top condition. Not new, mind you, but probably post-2000.

The two bedroom is specifically so that I don’t get families applying for the job. A retired couple would be ideal.

There would be a big and possibly enclosed porch for people to sit and talk on. Good for talking to prospective residents.

Ads would go in local papers without a phone number - only the address. The idea is to pull people to the park and home. Info would be inside along with my contact #.

8 X 12 shed included.

New appliances throughout.

I want to rent the home for $200 (way below market rents) and then give credits for such things as court appearances, home sales, etc.

Here is the problem I’m facing:

I specifically want 2 bathrooms so that if a prospective resident or their kids had to go, they could use the guest bath instead of the master. Homes like this are tough to find while 2/1 homes are everywhere. Aside for waiting for the sky faucet to turn off so I can extend the slab, I’m having a heck of a time finding this type of home. Am I being anal over nothing or does this idea (extra bath) have merit? I’m out of here as soon as I have the greeter situation straightened out but I don’t want to do something now that may cause problems down the road.

Thanks for any feedback.


Wheat Hill