Greentree finance co

a tenant moved out we thought they owned the home been here 3 yrs

funny looking back we could never get paperwork from them

so in comes a letter contact this women who really owns home, now she dont want as she

said her credit shot anyway what can they do

gives us paperwork call green tree thats who has the loan on and pay off is over 12 grand

home just needs a condem sticker they left it torn up and full of trash

and to start with they was all friends,she bought the home many years ago

remarried allow them to take over payments they got behind

3 months and left

we inform green tree in middle of month

someone now owes us rent.

greentree says we dont own but we will sent our inspector out to value the home

i ask if you dont own them how you walk on property

we got them giving us the run around

i ask who hold title greentree says lady does but we have

i said them dont that make you the owner since she told you also repo it

your not going to leave this home sitting your not going to show,or sell this home with no rent paid

and what gives you any rights if you just stated you dont own it

we have a rehaber who will buy but how do we deal with greentree

greentree said it will be few weeks before we can get out there