Great site

I just found this site and boy am I glad!

There are some great post here and some real pro’s.

I’m not new to SFR investing but I am new to MH’s (tin cans).

I have E. Tew and D. Boddiford’s courses which are good and I think this site is really going to help me, so I’m going to thank everyone ahead of time.

What is really attractive about this business is the flexibility and being able to get more creative than SFR. Someone asked if this market is saturated and Greg made a great point. There are so many MH in my county that no one is looking at, that I just can’t resist the potential money any longer.

Once again, thanks for a good site to accelerate my learning curve!

Thanks for the message - glad that you are getting so much out of the site. Speaking on behalf of Corey and Steve (the founders of MHU), we are looking forward to hearing about all of your successes in the business!

You made a great point about the “flexibility” of the MH business. I would also add the incredibly supportive and collegial nature of people in the business over SFR. You won’t find such a great group of people that are always willing to help - people like Greg Meade, Steve Wiltz, Jim & Ellen Brenn, Fred Balke, Daphne & John Lowe, etc. I encourage you to get to attend the MH events and get to know these folks…they all have an incredible wealth of knowledge!

All the Best,

Blake Donaldson