I have two parks under contract and am looking for Capital Partners (CP); one at $200k, one at $300k. Worst and Best case scenarios on these parks show returns for CP from 11% to 30+% APR. That’s $130,000 profit on $200,000 and $170,000 profit on $300,000…worst case!!

CP’s will get a preferred return of their investment, interest of 8% APR paid annually, AND a split of the profits upon sale, which is projected in five years, though it could be sooner.

Both these are easy turnaround parks with little vacancy or CapEx. We will increase the value of both parks by 3x to 5x in 1-2 years simply by converting the park-owned homes into tenant-owned homes, filling vacancies and minimal rent raises.

More detailed info is available on both deals, including BEST and WORST case spreadsheets, Executive Summary and Supporting Information. Email:, OR Call: 617-312-9833 (C).

Thanks! Gordon