Great lonnie deals in indiana

Out of state owners need to shed a few park owned homes. We just purchased the park and can’t manage the park owned homes, we just live too far away (Idaho). We are offering quite a deal. 5 homes for $12,000 total. We will finance. Can’t take out of the park. Late model homes (60s-80s) some in need of fixing up, but one or two are move in ready right now. With this package you get one 3 bed, one 1 bed, and three 2 bed homes. We have more available too, if you are interested. Lot rent is $200 and you can rent the homes out for $100-$250 above lot rent. The park is in Bloomfield, IN (about 20 minutes from Bloomington home of Indiana University). We are in town right now and would love to show you around. Call me 925-628-9497.

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Any Indiana Lonnie Dealers out there?

I’m up on the NE side of Indy. I’ll try to give you a call tomorrow and we can chat about it. I don’t know off the top of my head how far that is from Fishers.


We are about 1 hour and 25 mins from Indianapolis, south. Hope that helps


Good to hear from you. How is your park doing? Much different than the military isn’t it?


Does a person have to have a dealer liscense to buy and sell in Indiana?

When I spoke with one of the representatives, she told me that if we were going to be transferring title on 11 homes or more we would need to obtain a dealers license.

Has any one else heard differently?

I own a park near Ft Wayne and got a dealer’s license. The fee is only $30 but I had to submit a picture of the office and show my insurance policy. Not sure how it works if you don’t have a park or place of business other than your home. I have never seen the 11 home rule in any IN statutes or paperwork I read from BMV. Not sure where that comes from.