Great Community


Thanks to all the people who reply to the community with seasoned advice and wisdom to help others overcome the hurdles of this business.

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I would like to add that we have one of the most refreshing, encouraging Forums to be found anywhere on the internet. We may not always agree with each other, but we always respect each other. I hear positive feedback about the Forum at every industry event I go to – people marvel at the fact that we don’t have a single mean person in the bunch. Thanks to everyone who not only posts on this Forum, but does so in good taste, fairness and camaraderie. We may be the last place on earth where that can be said.


I wish I could agree, but I have met nothing but rudeness here in spite of my effort to help others. I am sure the entire community is not like that. Sadly, it has given me no motivation to help anyone else, so I will keep my experience to myself and help no one.

Angel - Are you are park owner or potential park owner. I have been following and sometimes contributing to this forum for the past several years. It is the only place on the internet or anywhere to communicate with other park owners (or those interested). Mostly the same people with some new people here and there.
Personally I think everyone is helpful and the different opinions help to give you different perspectives on how to run your business. Sometimes you can even disagree with Frank (LOL)

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I looked back on your prior posts to see what was going on, and it looks like you have been posting random reviews of parks you know, but nobody knows what you’re actual motive is. Are you a broker trying to sell parks? I think the main problem has been one of confusion.