Gray plumbing lines on used home

We just bought and moved in a late 1980s home that we haven’t hooked the utilities up to yet.

Our handyman was looking at it, and said all of the plumbing lines are gray plastic, which is bad.

After doing a quick google search it appears this is polybutylene piping.

Our handyman is recommending that while the home is blocked up with skirting off, it would be much easier to just replace all of the plumbing lines with pex. Waiting would likely lead to frequent water leaks down the road, which will be much harder to repair once the home is skirted and closed up.

After some research it appears much of polybutylene was junk, but there was some variability in quality. I’m considering hooking up the water lines, seeing if there are any current leaks, and if there are replacing the whole system, and if not closing it up and keeping my fingers crossed. Any thoughts?

Hookup the water and check for leaks. Fix any that you find, set up the house and sell it.

Are the joints plastic fittings with aluminum crimp rings, or copper fittings with copper crimp rings?

If plastic fittings (elbows, tees,etc.) then definitely re plumb. If copper/copper it’s still problematic but much less so.

How much to repipe with PEX?

I will find out on the fittings. From what I read its hard to find the right fittings so sometimes its done incorrectly.

Handyman quoted $1200 parts and labor to repipe with pex. Not sure how good of a price that is.