Grass disposal

I cut my own grass and it’s pretty shaggy given the price of gas. I have a really good mower but it simply cannot mulch correctly when the grass gets too high. No place on my property to dump the cuttings and the trash hauler won’t take it.

My park is out in the sticks and lots of small farms with cattle herds all around. Feed costs are crazy and pasturage is tight given the amount of corn being grown this year. It just so happens the father of one of my residents lives a few minutes away and needs to buy feed. His cows LOVE freshly cut grass. Now I fill leftover bark mulch bags with the clippings and put them in the back of the resident’s truck. Next day they are stacked up neatly by the curb waiting for refill.

I get rid of a waste product for free, the farmer gets free feed and you may someday be chewing on my grass clippings:-)

Rolf Jacobs

Wheat Hill Mobile Home Community

(330) 426-9558