Grandfather Dogs?

The difference is - if a Chihuahua bites you it will hurt your feelings, if a Pit Bull decides to get territorial, well, then it may be your last day on earth. Thus, the insurance list created from many lawsuits, many of which start at half a million for injuries and a million or more for death. That’s great that you volunteer at the shelter but it doesn’t change the bottom line impact to park operators and the safety of residents/children.


Steve, I believe you missed the point. Just because a dog is labled as a pit bull does not mean anything. And THAT is why State Farm does not discriminate against any breeds. And as State Farm spokeswoman said, “Pit bulls in particular are often misidentified when a bit incident occurs.” I have seen on the TV news many times when they report a “pit bull” attack and then show the dog, it doesn’t even look anything like a pit. Which is not surprising.


Own more than 200 lots for more than a year and get back to me after you have experienced the business and the breeds.

After that, if you need some emotional support from the law suits you will encounter and the headaches your managers will endure from the vicious dog breed list and vicious breed mixes - I will be here for you as a friend. You can lie down on the couch and talk about your terrible experiences that will mirror 100% of all other park owners.

Talk to you soon!


And a good reason why that even if you have strict pet ownership rules, you still need animal bite liability coverage for your park. Many generic park owner policies exclude coverage for animal bites. A significant portion of dog bites in parks are the result of stray/unclaimed dogs.


Steve, Hospital ers are filled with “small dog” breed bites all the time. They bite the hands, arms, and face of kids, and adults. Small breeds routinely cause thousands of dollars in subsequent plastic surgery, as well as life long emotional trauma for the victims. Large dog breeds make the news, but smaller dog breeds statistically bite and do massive damage also.

I am a dog lover and life long owner of several breeds. But just want to set the facts straight.


Steve, Don’t worry I won’t need emitional support from any lawsuits. And by the way, I do have rental properties and don’t discriminate against breeds. Dogs are individuals just like people and should be judged that way. Shamrocks94 also makes some great points that are facts, not based in prejudice.

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I happen to know 8 different people, all veterans, who own emotional support dogs. They were all rescues, sitting on death row ready to put them down. They are all ‘pit’ breeds. The men who own these dogs all but one live in a mobile home community. These dogs are grateful to them, some of you may laugh but you can see it. They changed how these men see the world now that they are home. Two of these dogs have stopped the guys from having full blown flash back, possibly hurting people around them just because they would not stop trying to get their attention focused on something else. They did this by dragging them away from others and licking their faces.

Personally I have owned several pits thru the years, only one of those I would not allow around others because he had the potential to hurt someone because of his history. The unfortunate thing with the bully breeds is people breeding them out of control. People have destroyed them, not the dogs. It is truly a case by case and I am thankful for State Farm.

I guess I have to say I am thankful Greg always has something to say that makes me shake my head and remind me people are as they always will be to others.

sometimes, not often I forget that.

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