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Okay, from my last post about the deadbeat tenant, I got the memo about the whole application/screening process. The reason why I didnt do so previously was because the clientelle in my park is mainly not legal, and I figured that I would not be able to find much. (curiously this deadbeat couple I had problems with are white, english speaking citizens!)

I guess I learned that it is stupid not to screen people so now I would like to hear what you all do to screen people? Any pertinent websites or documents would be greatly appreciated.

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From comes the following info:


  1. Current landlord doesn’t know applicant is moving, you may have a problem.

  2. No bank account of any kind, you may have a problem.

  3. If they talk about how they love to garden, ask permission to plant here or there…you’ve probably got a problem.

  4. If they come with alcohol on their breath…, you’ve got a problem…

  5. If they don’t even get in the door to look at the potential home & say they’ll take it., you’ve probably got a problem…

  6. If they person that is supposed to rent the place remains fairly quiet and the other one is asking a lot of questions but isn’t going to be living there (wink, wink), you may have a problem.

  7. If the car they travel in is a living pigsty inside…, you may have a problem…

  8. If they want the place right now or tomorrow…, you may have a problem…

  9. If they show up with a u-haul filled to the brim…you got a problem.

  10. If the kids are many and have dirt all in their mouths or have sticky hands…, more than likely you’ve got a problem.

  11. If you can hear the car coming from around the block (whether it be the motor, smoke, muffler, or music), you’ve got a problem…

  12. If a man wants to know how much light comes in the apartment, because he had a large collection of house plants, you may have a problem.

  13. Anyone who wants to trade rent for work is GOING to be a problem.

  14. Anyone who asks to paint is GOING to be a problem.

  15. Anyone who tells you a story about their landlord is going to be a problem

  16. Calling from a hotel or motel (and they are not from out of town), you may have a problem.

  17. Living with family, friends, ex boyfriends, ex-husbands, ex roommates, shelter, hotels, motels, jail, you may have a problem.

  18. Just started a new job (and they have had more than two or more other jobs in the last two years), you may have a problem.

  19. Has a dog, but does not know the breed, you may have a problem.

  20. Want a payment plan for security when they already have bad credit, you may have a problem.

  21. Her and her “fiance” but one can’t be on the lease, you may have a problem.

  22. You call them back and the phone’s been disconnected, you may have a problem.

  23. When you call someone back who says they will be the only occupant, their friend they are living with takes the message, you may have a problem.

  24. Someone calling you for a friend, you may have a problem.

  25. Three guys. Yea right!!! You may have a problem.

  26. Moving cause the landlord won’t fix anything, you may have a problem.

These warning signs were shared this month on the popular Q&A Forum by several landlords.

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Thanks for the list of warnings it is getting to the point in screening that out of the 26 you posted if you can keep them under 10 you may actually have a prospective tenant.