Good or bad? Scattered lot, individually deeded community

I am looking to acquire a MHP that is a cluster of separately deeded, scattered lots. The positive is that the roads and public utilities are maintained by the city, there are no common areas, and onerous MHP statutes do not apply to the properties (b/c it is not a MHP). The bad thing is that it is tricky to manage a scattered site deal. To give some context, it was formerly a single, contiguous MHP, but scattered lots were sold off over the years.Is this a deal breaker?Thanks, jkmhp2

that sounds interesting. how many lots?
analyze it as an mhp. who owns the homes?

I looked at a similar situation last year. my thought is it will be difficult to put rules in place as you will not own all lots. the people living next door may not keep uo their lots to your liking, nothing you can do about it. probably a difficult exit  …