GMHA Convention 2010

Hello everyone,

After attending the GMHA Convention in “Good Ole” Macon GA recently, I thought I would share some things I heard from one of the SAFE ACT moderators for GA.

As of right now the people monitoring the SAFE ACT are not out there looking for people who are in violation of it (kinda). From what I understand the rules are still being adjusted right now and their energies are going to be spent chasing after people that are in MAJOR violation of the SAFE ACT. If you own a mobile home park and finance a few deals here and there, your not going to be seeing the Black Tahoe’s screaming into your park. If a tenant from the park tries to call the “SAFE ACT Police” they might send you a letter but more then likely that’s it.

It seemed to me that they are only going after the bigger fish… like the IRS. I don’t feel the IRS is going to go after someone owing $1000 as aggressively as someone owing $1,000,000 on their taxes… and from what I understand, the same mind set is going to be applied to the SAFE ACT “violators”.

If anyone has heard anything different please comment