Getting re insured after having several claims

I can’t say I am surprised, but my insurance company has just informed me that they are failing to renew my insurance package after a year of unprecedented claims…several central air conditioning units stole and a sewer line back up that ruined a boiler and water heater…and there were several theft claims that I didn’t even report!

So now I’m looking to replace this policy, and with the limited number of companies that insure mobile home parks, I’m considering whether it is possible to shop around the properties as separate entities. …all are owned by one parent corporation, but out of the 4 properties the claims have been made regarding just 2 of them.

this is a time when I really wish that we had been able to take advantage of owning the individual properties as LLCs

so the question is,is it possible to shop the properties separately given that one is a MHP one is an RV Park, one is a commercial building and one is a motel/RV park…, would there be any savings for the properties that do not have a history of claims…or can that even be done?