Future of Parks in South East

I am looking for some opinions, particularly from MHP owners with parks in the south east.

It seems MHP’s has some serious competition from low SFR rental prices and a generally aging of HM’s in parks making the entire proposition less enticing given the options available for those seeking housing. I look at many of the parks for sale and many times they are heavily loaded with POH’s and/or they have many vacant lots.

I am wondering is this situation because of the dynamics of the rental market in the SE, due to owner mismanagement, a combination of the two??

I am trying to decide if MHP’s in the SE is still a stable investment over the next 20 years or is SFR a better, though lower cash on cash invesent path. I have owned properties at distances before, but like to keep properties within a weekend trip distance. I will be relocated to the Atlanta area for my mainstay occupation, but I am trying to get a feel for this aspect of the MHP investing arena.

Any feedback and thoughts are welcome and appreciated.

TGhasaplan, my Husband and I own two MHPs in the Southeast (South Carolina).  I am also a South Carolina Real Estate Broker & Realtor.We find that we have a great deal of demand for Mobile Homes in our specific areas.  Our first MHP is 100% occupied.  Our second MHP is less than 50% occupied.  It was in an Estate for many years and very poorly managed.  However, it is in an awesome area with high demand.We are currently advertising two POHs (2 Bedrooms & 1 Bath) and we are receiving loads of interest.  For the price point of our Mobile Homes there are still tons of people that would prefer to live in a MH compared to an Apartment for some of the following reasons:-  Desires a small ‘yard’-  Desires not to share common walls with others-  Desires to park their cars directly outside their homes-  Less expensive than the ApartmentsWe wish you the very best!

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