Friday fax

I attended the boot camp a few yrs back in DFW and recall hearing about a “Friday fax” report. Any chance someone has it and can email it to me? Thanks! Josh

I should’ve clarified - the fax is submitted by the park manager, and sent to the owner for a status update on the property.

The Friday Fax… So this is a sheet that was filled out every Friday by the park managers. It had a place for stats like occupied lots, rehabs, pending applications etc. There was also a section for the manager to write about any events happening in the park etc…

I use a forum, much like the one your posting the question on. Each park has its own part of the forum, and we track everything live time in the park. It lowered our phone support for the managers, and all but eliminated emails. Because all of our staff has access, we do not need to be worried about anyone being left out of the loop.


I am attaching a copy of the fax we use - we just went from Friday’s to a once a month system.


Jim and Dave. Thank you both for the helpful info. For some reason I was unable to retrieve the attachment. Was it sent to Much appreciated, Josh