Fresh water pipe size

Please advise. How many manufactured homes ( single section 3bed 2bath) could a 2 inch water pipe (closed loop with 2 inch meter and adequte water pressure) support/handle ?

It’s probably going to depend on bedrooms, not bathrooms.

However, call your city, ask for the building code enforcement and ask them, or call the water company. There is a formula in the code book, but I can’t remember if off of the top of my head. It should be quite a few. A 2" is pretty good size.

F&T might know

Call your local AHJ, authority having jurisdiction. That will be the county or city building dept. I would guess that a 2 inch line would be sufficient for more than 30 MHs. Generally, you want to always use the numbers that they give you. You can always exceed a code requirement, but you should never short change one.
Jim Allen