Free Teleseminar 12-15

Hi All,

First of all, I wanted to personally thank everyone for the kind words about my upcoming retirement from the Air Force (Friday). Many folks have sent me emails about it.

I’ve been swamped the past 10 days preparing for the ceremony and taking care of a few property acquisitions. Unfortunately, I haven’t spent as much time on the forum as I wanted to.

Also, I’ve had several people ask if I was going to attend the Sheldon Good (ARC) auction in Chicago next week? Originally, I had planned on going, but something came up and I won’t be there. However…one of our forum members is going to be there and has promised to give us firsthand information on exactly what went down at this historical auction.

One last thing, next Thursday (15th) Corey and I are holding our first Teleseminar. For those of you who attended Mobile Home Millions, you know the guest…Frank Rolfe. He was such a hit in California, that we wanted everyone to gain from his extensive knowledge and street smarts. This will be a FREE teleseminar and you don’t want to miss it.

I’ll post the exact details on this by Sunday night. It’s going to be really good.


Today is the day, is there any current info?

To All,

Unfortunately, we were’nt able to secure a teleseminar service for this one. We will plan on doing one next month with Frank Rolfe.

Sorry that I didn’t let you guys know sooner. I’ve been very sick since Sunday…some sort of bronchial infection.


Hey Steve,

We use a free service, (just ignore the cheesy ads) and you’ll see they offer a free service - we’ve used it with up to 40 participants and it works just fine - I think it goes up to 90 participants. Not sure your expected turnout but this may help!

Free Teleconference

Access Console

Telephone Number: 1 (712) 580-7706


To reach the conferencing switch, all participants simply call the same dial-in number indicated in the box above and enter the access code provided by the sponsor company for the meeting.

The dial-in number may be local or long distance, depending on the location of the participants. Although we do not charge for this service, long distance rates or tolls may be charged by the phone company that each caller uses (e.g. Sprint, MCI, AT&T, or other long distance carriers etc.). We do not require the use of any specific phone company (nor do we know their rates).

To get started, follow the simple directions below:

Organize your Teleconference Call

  1. Give the participants conference phone number above.

  2. Include the access code above in your communication.

  3. Inform participants regarding the date and time of the call.

  4. Instruct the participants to select 2 on dial pad to by-pass instructions.

  5. Have all participants call dial-in number above at the scheduled time.

Join a Teleconference Call

  1. Dial the phone number above for the conference.

  2. Select the 2 key to by-pass instructions. Enter the access code followed by the # sign.

  3. First one in hears music on hold, others - announce yourself and join the conference.