Free smoke detectors

Is it a good idea to offer free smoke detectors to all tenants? I think it is probably a good idea.
Does anyone know of a company that sells smoke detectors in bulk for cheap? How much is a reasonable price per detector?


I would check with your insurance agent before you do that. It may create liability for you as they are then “your” smoke detectors and, if they don’t work, you might be sued since they were “yours”. Many a good deed has ended up a nightmare for a park owner, so be aware of the risks.

We supply free smoke detectors for all the homes we own. We typically install hard-wired smoke detectors so the tenants can’t remove the batteries. (You’d be surprised how many tenants do that - for their kids’ toys, etc.)

Good luck,


Providing them in a home you own should be mandatory. There is no reason I can think of to provide them to tenants that own their own homes.