Frank or others - question regarding Ohio

Frank on the 5/27/15 show you were talking about typical moving and preparation costs and mentioned that Ohio is very expensive with respect to site prep - could you please elaborate on that as I am looking at a property in Ohio? Also, in general, what is the max sites per acre? I was thinking 10 per acre would be the max but that may be too aggressive. Thanks all for your help.

The costs are directly related to state building codes. Doing a search on … Ohio mobile home set up codes… will outline the details.
I would not be too concerned about set up costs as they would be in line with all building costs in the state. You would pass those costs along to the end buyer and the resulting price would still be affordable compared to other types of housing .

Thanks for you input Greg. I was just concerned when Frank talked about Ohio as being expensive to set up. As I think about parks and bringing in homes it is something I need to consider in my P&L. I found that 10 pads per acre are the max so I am in the clear on the second question. Once again, thank you for your help, at some point I would like to add value to this site - in time.

Set up costs as well as moving costs are quite high in OH. Every year, the state approved inspector wants me to do something else when I upgrade a pad and this year is no different. The mover I use says the same thing about his end of the business and he just passes those costs along to me.


Hi Rolf - Thanks for your input - in order to force rank prices with respect to OH, where would you place OH? In terms of %, how much more is OH on average vs IN, IL, IA, MI, WI, and other mid-west states? Thank you so much.

As an example, a permit in Ohio just to set the home and get it inspected (pad, electric, and final) is around $700. That does not include any over the road DOT permits your mover will need.
Indiana - I think we pay about $60 or less for a permit.

I don’t know enough about the other states to answer that question. All I know is that when I fill this park and sell it, I will never set foot in this state again. I made more money with less hassles doing SFRs in CA and that is what I am going back to.