Fort Wayne MOM

All I can say is WOW, what a great event. Thanks to John Hyre for putting this together and to those who spoke before the group (and for that matter, everyone who attended the event). This was a great group of real investors with some serious experience. I’m smarter for having the good fortune to attend, and will no doubt be more profitable as well.

For those who didn’t go, make sure you make it to the next one. The knowledge of the attendees and speakers, and willingness to share it always amazes me. This event in particular included many people in close geographic proximity, yet everyone shared best practices without fear of being run over by the competition. You don’t see this in all lines of business. I consider myself fortunate to have met each of you who attended.

JeffB (MI) aka Artichoke-shirt-guy

I also wanted to let everyone know that the MOM held in Fort Wayne was awesome experience for both me and my brother. I drove in from Iowa not knowing what to expect and I have to say that it WAY OVERDELIVERED on the $99.00 price tag.

We loved getting to actually walk through and analyze John Hyre’s two mobile home parks. We got the chance to ask a lot of questions and get tremendous answers from experience investors in mobile home parks, lonnie deals, etc. There were investors who own 3+ parks, have done over 100 lonnie deals (artichoke shirt guy from above post) and various others!

Mike Scarborough’s DVD on MH Rehabbing is definitely going to be purchased in the near future!

Also, it just added more fuel to my fire and confidence that I can be successful at obtaining that first park…because I met others who have.

Thank you to everyone and I hope to keep in touch and help others when I can. Dont be a stranger!


John - IA

I went to the MOM event and was blown away by the information and the presenters. Kudos to John Hyre for organizing such a well thought out event. I couldn’t believe that it was only $99. I am so accustomed to going to 2 day events that are upsell after upsell - this was very refreshing.

Thoughts on the event…I learned of a whole new business, Captive Financing from Ken Rishel from Precision Capital Funding.l. I’ve been a mortgage broker since 1996 and his information was spot on. I had no idea that I could create this type of income stream and look forward to his event in Davenport, Iowa in October.

John Hyre took us to two of his parks in northern Indiana. He candidly shared the good, bad and ugly. I appreciate being able to learn from his mistakes and conversely from his successes. That’ll save me a ton of money in the future.

For me, the most interesting part was networking with the other attendees. I have never been to an event where everyone, literally everyone, was actually doing deals and investing. So many events are just for newbies waiting to be fleeced. This was NOT that kind of thing. Just about anyone in the room could have led the seminar. They were all that good!

Shout out to Mike Scarbrough and his DVD set on How to Rehab Mobile Homes. I would live to offer it on my website, but creonline has an exclusive on it. Go get it. Excellent value. If anyone is planning on doing the repairs themselves, or has a contractor that you like but may not have necessarily worked on mobile homes before, get this video set. Insanely cheap for what you get.

I left INSPIRED to get more Lonnie Deals done. I also left with enough knowledge to really analyze a park and a network to sell them to if I don’t want them myself.

Thanks again for putting on such a meaty event.

The Meeting of the Minds in Ft. Wayne was a great and informative time for me. With 40 in attendance, there was a mixture of some familiar faces, but even more that I had not met at previous MOM events and of these 1st time attendees many were experienced MHP investors who brought a slightly different flavor to the event. There was particularly good and valuable

I completely agree with you Shawn, and it was a pleasure to finally meet you face to face. I think the next MOM should be in St. Louis, within the next six months, and I merely nominate it for selfish reasons. I wanna ride one of the mowers!

It was a pleasure meeting everyone, and again, I can’t thank John enough for such a great event. Any time I attend a meeting I come home so full of ideas, I can’t hardly sit still. Wonderful and inspiring!

Thanks guys!


I will agree with everyone here that this was a very informative meeting. I spent a couple hours just giving my wife the highlights but could have spend much, much longer. Plenty of new ideas to think about and put to use. Thanks again John.

Congrat’s John,

Sounds like you had a great event!!! Can’t ask for any more than positive reinforcement on a job well done… =) Wish I coulda been there!

Best wishes,

Ryan Needler

We planned on attending and are very sorry we could not make it. I was hopefull right up until I came to the realization that the “to do list” was longer than the time until that nasty “bad weather of the North” sets in. Sad thing is it catches me off guard every year. We have never been to a bad MH investors get together they always under promise and over deliver. Congrats John. Maybe we can attend or even host the next one.

Don & Karen

Hats off to John for organizing & hosting a terrific event. I am a full time RE Investor with most of my portfolio in SFH’s and duplexes. I hold several notes for MH’s in a single park and consider myself a relative newbie in this arena. As a notes guy, I realized just how ‘insulated’ I am from the real operations of a MH park. This event was truly eye opening! It took us on walk-thru’s of two recently acquired parks which revealed all the good, bad and the ugly. This was worth the admission alone!

Throughout the 2 day seminar I had many “Ah Ha” moments.

There were a few guest speakers - all of whom were credible, real world, doing-it, in-the-trenches types. Very useful!!

Earlier this year I attended another 2-day event hosted by John (Tax strategies & Asset Planning). This was also highly useful knowledge for anyone in this business.

I highly recommend any presentation delivered by John.


A three-day weekend at the MOM got me behind at the office, so I’m just getting around to posting now. I wanted to thank everyone who came. The group was excellent. The roundtable discussions that followed each topic were excellent, with lots of noodling and contributions by all. Special thanks to Erin Dyer, Ken Rishel, Mike Scarbrough, Shawn Sisco & Brian Walkerly for doing a great job at leading their respective discussions. Thanks also to Jefferson Lilly for leading the tour of the MH/RV Hall of Fame. And of course, thanks to Randy Conway who put up with me more than usual, that’s saying quite a lot!

Great event, I’m still turning a number of things over in my head. Thanks again to all the great participants who helped make it happen!

Excellent meeting! I have left with many new ideas that can be put into practice. Thanks John and everyone else that had their part in the meeting.

Kevin Long

The MOM in Ft. Wayne was great! Thanks to John Hyre for putting it on. I learned a lot from everyone there. What an awesome group! I look forward to seeing everyone again in the future.