Forclosure buyer attempting to remove home without paying

Woman buys a home in our park from GreenTree . $2000 in back rent due the park. GreenTree claims she was made aware of the amount due and initialed paperwork that rent and taxes have to be paid. She claims they never told her about rent. (GreenTree probably just said initial here at closing and never told the amount). State law is that a park can require all amounts due be paid before sale, moving or occupancy. Mobile home mover is preparing the home to be moved. Won’t tell us his name. Says he will take it out with a police escort next week.

I called the police, provided them with the state law, told them we don’t give permission for the mover on the property. He is trespassing.

Any suggestions? Anyone ever block a home? How about chaining it to a power pole?

File a complaint for attempted theft?