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The eye of the storm, a time of relief, of respite, of calm: the last opportunity

I close my eyes and blindly follow the Washingtonians to the dungeon while trying fervently to convert my cash to hard assets.



You little goldbug, you! Better link to the article (which I have yet to read) is

I like gold as a store of value. Unfortunately, it does not produce income or real appreciation (as opposed to nominal appreciation), so it is the last use for capital. Basically, build capital via other means (e.g. MHP) and use gold to preserve it.

John Hyre

See below as John Dingle, congressman, admits they want to control us.

Good morning, John

First, I do thank you for supplying me with the proper link code. My lack of basic computer literacy skills is compensated by the friendly willingness of others to help me. Also, I am truly looking forward to meeting you this summer. I think you know that last year a cracked tailbone was my excuse for not traveling to Ohio.

I agree that gold, to a lesser degree silver, is a store of universal value. It is money: the ideal preservation of capital as first defined by Aristotle. A bank note is just a currency, an IOU note backed exclusively by the coercive threats of the monarch. Our homes won