Florida Update

Well, I don’t really know what to say (write). My last investor left Wednesday evening and I took a full day to kind of review the different folks that have shown interest in partnering up for a year and try their hand at retail sales of mobiles and perhaps L/H pacs.

I had 7 sets come visit and I liked all seven. my job was to try and find the one person(s) that best matched the qualities I wanted (needed) to make this work.

It hit me yesterday that it is critical to get the right person the first time. I’m basically asking a person to work with me for a full year and move here for a year…some from as far away as Cali. I take these things very seriously so it has stressed me out.

The person chosen will announce on Saturday (or not) but one of the requirements is to post weekly to progress in our newly formed partnership to share as much info as possible to folks starting out and wondering if this biz is for them.

Ryan is actually putting on a small event to do this same thing. he states he is amazed at the response to his meeting…so am I. I would have bet he would have had well over 100 responses by now. Lots of events have been cancelled this year and the demand (need) for this type of meet is overwhelming. I want to thank Ryan for doing this and inviting me up to share some of the things I’ve learned in 6 years of mobile investing.

Do a deal today people!!


Greg I’m tickled at the response you’ve gotten! I think you are about to really change someone’s life for the better in an extreme manor, I’ve tried this approach with several people and we’ve spoken in depth about things. It don’t work every time but when it does my God what a feeling! =)

We filled the last seat for the LD event tonight and the response has overwhelmed me, not quite 100 but there were a bunch. One thing really stuck out in my mind, I had two folks that started making excuses as to WHY they couldn’t attend even before I announced dates or prices!

There is no easy button folks, make no mistake what Greg is offering is a life altering opportunity. I offered my entire system of exactly how I do deals and what I’ve learned. Scott and Tony have a l/h & small park event dang near every year. Steve has had how many large park & self storage boot camps? Lonnie sells his books for little of nothing. And yet there are people that can’t take the time to learn how to better their future…

The opportunities are out there they just take action on your part folks!

Can’t wait for your announcement!

Best wishes,

Ryan Needler


I am glad to see folks with not only the desire to change and learn your business but also the determination. I am sure these folks realize just what an opportunity they have had placed before them.

Ryan, I am looking forward to your event in Morganton and getting a chance to see everyone. This will be a great event as well as a great time. Lives will change for the better at this event if folks take the information and use it. It is not enough to have the desire to do something, we must be driven to complet it.


Now that Greg & I have hashed out 99% of the details I guess it’s time to announce that I am the lucky person picked to work with Greg for a year. I’d like to say that I’m excited to have been chosen. I know that the competition was pretty stiff; mainly because Greg kept talking about the good points of the other people he met.

The one thing Greg & I didn’t discuss was the weekly posts on our progress. I’m not sure how much detail he wants to share so I’m going to start off with a little background info.

I started out in construction in the mid 80’s. My main line was plumbing, running a small plumbing contracting business. I later got my general contractors license. Throughout this time I realized that the people that were making money & retaining wealth were investing in real estate.

I used my plumbing/contracting skills to start investing in Single Family Homes. I bought homes that had all the right things wrong with them; they looked scary but didn’t need major repairs. I put a lot of sweat equity into these homes, & either sold for a profit or kept as rentals. I eventually had enough rentals to semi-retire, managing my rentals & rehabbing a home every year or so.

About 6 years ago I realized I was getting tired of dealing with tenants & started selling off my rentals. I began doing research online about other things I could invest in & came across a couple of real estate forums. That led to me going to Tony & Scott’s Bootcamp & 2 MOM’s. During that time I bought a couple LH packs that I refurbed & sold. I also put some money into MH notes with people I met.

When Greg posted his offer I knew that it was an opportunity I wanted to jump on. I had talked with Greg at the meetings I went to & of course listened carefully when he was the speaker. I knew he was very knowledgeable & that working with him would be a great learning experience. Long story short, after meeting in person we decided we would be a good fit & to set things in motion.

I got back from Ocala late last night after our second meeting. We set out an operating agreement, & started the wheels turning at the DMV to get licensing straight. We hope to hit the ground running in the next week or two. I’m extremely excited to be part of Greg’s operation & am looking forward to a year of new experiences.

Tim Retzlaff

I can’t express how happy I am for both of you, I think many great things will come outa this! Can’t wait to start hearing the updates. =)

Best wishes,

Ryan Needler

Congrats to Tim and all who met with Greg.

I know I and many here look forward to your posts guys.



Reading your post brought back memories of a similar situation that occurred in my life just over 10 years ago. I met a gentleman named Ernest Tew who offered to mentor me in the mobile home business and it forever changed my life.

I owe my success to Ernest, Lonnie Scruggs and many others on this forum. This forum and website was Ernest’s dream and I wish he was able to comprehend that his dream turned into a reality.

You are about to embark on an opportunity that very few will ever experience. Greg is one of the most knowledgable people in our circle and he gives from the heart. He will not give you fish to eat, but teach you how to fish so that you can feed yourself for the rest of your life. The education and mentorship you will receive is something no university offers and will be worth the sacrifice.

I’m looking forward to following your progress and also thank Greg for giving of himself once again. The guy is truly AMAZING as my friend Corey would say.