Florida - Tenant Laws

Anyone have any insights into landlord laws in Florida? Pro landlord or tenant? Thanks.

A typical eviction in FL takes about a month. I’ve never had an issue. The longest took about 6 weeks as they got free legal aid and a very liberal judge.

The hard part for them to fight it is they have to post a bond with the courts equal to the delinquent amount to even challenge it in court. I’ve never once had a tenant post this bond so it dies and they lose every time.


very important to read this if you are looking to buy a park in florida. especially concerning rent raises.

Ouch, I made two offers and did not realize the extent of the tenant laws.

Carl are you familiar with the landlord/tenant regulations in other states.
The Florida regulations seem fairly reasonable however it is how they are interpreted and enforced in each jurisdiction that is most important. Rent and evictions are the most important issues for any landlord regardless of location.

Yes, Greg, the first month we had the complete tenant laws of our state but in Fl. parks residents can form a co-op etc and have 90 day notice of price changes and some cases must be approved by the residents to be effective. Where we are presently we need neither leases of give notice of price changes although we always give a 30 day notice. I have lived in Fl. and sort backed away from park ownership since the park owner is suppose to notify park resident’s of the up coming sale to allow then the form a co-op and possible buy the property.

I read through the regulations and it appears that as the owner you simply need to be in closer communication with residents. There are some restrictions but nothing drastic. Evictions do not even appear to be too difficult. It’s difficult to balance business rights with personal rights as a landlord. I would like to seeour business operated like a store - if you don’t have the cash you don’t get the goods but we live in a socialist regime.

That’s correct Greg. Evictions are easy. The 90 day notice is no biggie, they can’t stop a rent increase without a court order and have to prove it’s unreasonable. The burden is on them.

As to the part about selling to the residents, so what? First that’s only going to happen in a 55+ community where they have money. Never in a family park.

Always check the local ordinances too. Those can layer on top of any state laws. Some of the SE part of Florida has a ton of former NY residents and they are used to and often vote for rent control laws, as well as other tenant friendly laws.