Flooding Due Diligence

Hello MHU Community,

I have a question regarding flooding risk I’m hoping the forum can help with. When performing your initial due diligence (prior to hiring professionals) how do you:

-Go about determining a property’s flood risk and flood history?
-Get comfortable with the risk? Is there a common go / no-go rule of thumb?
-Any other helpful tips or info?

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Check the FEMA maps and Google the news in the last 10 years to see if you can find anything on flooding in the area.

If that doesn’t show anything alarming you can try calling the Manager of the park and ask when it flooded last.

Conversations with the tenants would be best but you shouldn’t do that without the owners consent, which would be after contracting it.

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Plug the address into this website

FEMA Flood Map Service Center | Welcome!

If any part of the park is within a 100 year flood zone (special hazard flood zone - anything but an “X” zone), then you’ll have additional flood risk and insurance costs … forever. The park needs to be purchased with these costs include. Flood insurance is expensive enough to kill a lot of deals.

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