Fixing concrete/pavement spots

I’ve got a few spots of the road that are crummy. Is there  anything cheap I can do like fill in the cracks and smooth out the section?

For patching, We dig around the hole, and dig down to clean out the spot very well. Then we put some concrete in the hole- about 3/4 the way to the top. Then we put in wire mesh, then fill the rest of the way up. These patches seem to hold very well, if you clean it well and have a fairly good base to pour onto. 

Jim, you are  park MacGyver. Thanks!Can that be done in bigger sections? For example, this  old park has pretty decent road but some spots say, 10ft by 10ft where the concrete is broken up in chunks and is becoming rubble. I’ll post some pictures when I get to it.

Probably so- if the ground is really prepped for it. I would make sure the concrete is pretty thick as well, you do not want it cracking, and for sure I would be using wire mesh. I have patches- say 3’ x 8’ that have survived 4 years, trash trucks, snow plows etc… and bags of concrete are sold at home depot and can be mixed by the least experienced manager / maintenance person. If you can bake brownies- you can mix and level a concrete patch…