Fixer upper sold... Will take 6 months to fix... They want to bring rv

I will be selling a fixer upper to new tenants. Going to be selling it for $900.They told me it will probably take 6 months to fix it. They said they want to buy a rv to bring to park next to the home while they are fixing it. They said the rv will be under 30’.They said after they are done fixing the home, they will put the rv in storage.The lot is very big and we can easily fit couple of rv’s there.Should I go for it? Anything to be aware of? Any extra paper work I should tell them to sign?.. give them a deadline to fix the home?..etc.Thanks

Are you licensed by the municipality as a RV park? If not I would tell them it is a mobile home park and RVs are not allowed. Suggest they plant it at an actual RV park in the vicinity. Unless of course you actually have RV sites which you could rent to them.

No the park is not licensed for rv sites… but I still think it’s not too big of a deal if for only 6months…?

If a city inspector comes by, that could go badly for you.  I’d be pro-active with the city and tell them what you are planning on doing and see if they will approve an RV on a temporary basis given that they are improving one of the homes.  Emphasize the ‘improvement’ to the home and the ‘non-permanent’ nature of the RV.  Use your sales skills.: )-jl-

It’s not about whether it will fit it’s a question of whether every other tenant, once seeing RVs are allowed, will invite every relative they have to camp out in their laneway. The reason for allowing it is irrelevant, once you let one do it you open the door to everyone wanting the same.
Give these people an inch and they will ignore all the rules just to test you.