Fix up or sell "as-is"

Just picked up a home in the park and I’m wondering if I should put money into it or sell it for what I already have into it. The home is an '89 Skyline, 3/2, 14 X 66 box. The outside of the home and the lot look great. The inside has different carpet in each room, nicotine so thick on the walls you can actually scrape it off, no stove or fridge, one soft spot in the laundry, ugly wall paper, etc. It’s clean and well maintained and livable right now if you don’t mind the residual cigarette smell.

I have $4K into the purchase price and could easily put another $2K into it. I’m not interested in turning a profit - just getting the lot rent coming back in ASAP. So my question to all is do you recommend a quick paint/carpet/used appliances job or just sell it for what I paid?



Wheat Hill