Fix ideas

I do not own a park yet but am trying to get ideas for fixes to problems I may have when I get one.I have read about on the forum and/or home study CDs.
What are your thoughts on epoxy pipe line for water sewer and gas pipes that my be leaking?
Also, what about spraying concrete gunnite under MH to fill settled ground that holds water?
I have no idea on costs just looking for your thoughts

Buy the books off this website, come to Bootcamp.  You’ll get answers to these and many other questions.  You’ll also meet the guy that heads up all the repairs for F&D, and be able to participate in the weekly conference calls where questions like this get answered.FWIW, I turn over all plumbing decisions to my plumbers.  They know I like to use quality product to get the job done right.  And I’ve never heard of ‘concrete gunnite.’  I’d just throw some dirt under the home.Hope to see you at a bootcamp soon,-jl-P.S. I am not compensated in any way for anything sold on this website.  Unfortunately.   :expressionless:

James, you are correct…under Mobile Homes the settled ground that holds water can stop the Building Inspectors from approving the Mobile Home setup.As per the Merrian Webster Dictionary (  a building material consisting of a mixture of cement, sand and water that is sprayed into a moldWe recently had a Resident setup a Mobile Home. The Mobile Home Mover recommended that before the home was moved to the Lot to place dirt under the mobile home and then plastic on top of the dirt (so that the water is diverted away from under the Mobile Home).  The Mobile Home Mover indicated that a Building Inspector would not approve the Mobile Home if there was free standing water under the Mobile Home.The Gunite might cause some issues if you needed to dig up any electrical, water or sewer lines under the Mobile Home.We wish you the very best!

Thanks for your relpies Jefferson and Krisitn, much appreciated.