First Park: Anyone else struggling?

Hi all,

After taking the boot camp last year I’ve been struggling to find my first park specifically on a deal with owner financing under $1m. There’s quite a lot of competition now and MHP owners are getting bombarded with calls, emails, and messages.

I’m looking primarily in South Carolina and would love if anyone has advice for someone looking. Thoughts on your experience getting your first park?

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The business is very competitive. and seller financing is hard to obtain. If you require seller financing, but another buyer is paying cash, it is hard to win the contract. I would suggest opening your criteria a bit. Perhaps expand your geographic reach or do not exclusively seek seller financing. If you keep at it, you will eventually prevail.


Agree, there is so much good financing available right now… Don’t let lending be what stops you. Sounds like you need to talk to some banks.

There are hundreds of groups out there paying people to cold call Park owners looking for a sale. It is 100% a sellers market! Dont overpay even if the financing is there.

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thanks for the awesome information.