one of our tenants burned down their lease to own home and of course had not gotten insurance.

We have had a very lax enforcement of tenant’s needing to have insurance. Can anyone recommend a good insurance company for mobile homes specifically?

I am thinking about becomming a broker, and just escrowing the insurance right into the lease payment.

I imagine there are a million out there, but I am in Texas, and would like something more regional I think.



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I can’t provide an answer to your question, since I’m not in TX, but just wanted to extend my sympathies. When these kinds of things happen it is terribly frustrating.

Thanks for the reminder that we need to stay on top of the insurance part of our tenants/buyers agreements.



There are two companies that we have been using for insurance for mobile homes:

Christina Cranston

800-458-4320 x16

Farmers Agency

Darrell Freeman


*They use Foremost to insure the homes

I hope this helps!


i recommend that you find an independent agent - try auto insurance folks - they will know several companies, and will get you the bes deal.

My company/agent is awesome; there are three insurers used:

Foremost, who is the most expensive and requires an entire annual paremium payment, no payment plan (they are poo-poo stinky)

American Modern Insurance allows a flexible payment plan, as well as Mutual Insurance Services - and they are cheaper. One offers a three-pay, and one offers a ten-pay - I forget which is which.

Point is, go to an independent agent.