Finding Sellers

I would like to do some direct mailing in my area. This will be my first purchase of a MHP. Can anyone recommend where I can find a mailing list that has owners names on it? The only ones I’m coming across mostly just has the name of the park and with property managers on it. I was thinking about using List Source but I’m not sure if that is the way to go. Any help would be deeply appreciated.

Respectfully, not sure who would share this info with you. Most of us on here are looking for deals too and giving someone else a list of owners just makes it that much more difficult.

I’m not asking for yours or anyone’s list. I googled several companies and they all supply spread sheets for mobile home parks with their addresses. So that’s not proprietary. I just wanted to find out if there was a vendor anyone preferred that includes owners name. I’m sure I’ll figure this out on my own but any help would be appreciated.

Hi Mitch,

We have a lot of off-market deals on the go . We’re actually closing on another +15% cap in the midwest next week; 57 lots with tremendous upside. So the deals are definitely out there.

If interested, email us. We often have too many deals (9-12% caps); we can’t close them all ourselves and stabilize them efficiently. Open to assign contracts if you can close fast.

Talk soon,


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