Finding A Park's Phone Number

I’m researching a mobile home park. I’m having trouble locating the park’s phone number. I have done the following:

  1. Called all the city departments.

  2. Called all the county departments.

  3. Called the local manufactured home park association.

  4. Researched the Secretary of State’s website.

  5. Called the real estate companies in the area.

  6. Called the insurance companies in the area.

  7. Called other mobile home parks in the same city/county.

  8. Researched the various mobile home park directory websites.

  9. Looked up the owner’s name via Yellow Pages and White Pages.

  10. Researched company/owner name/address on the Internet.

  11. Called the water department.

  12. Called the utility company.

What other avenues can I take to finding the park’s phone number?