Financing REO's questions

I have seen a few parks that are REO and some that are distressed. Many of them have non-recourse assumable debt. I know there is a fee required to assume those debts. Is there a way around those fees? Will a bank be willing to forgive the fee if it means moving the asset out of their REO portfolio?

Also, many of this REO and distressed properties sell at a substantial discount. Is it somewhat “easy” (or I should say probable) to find a commercial lender that will finance 75% LTV, based on current income projections? For example, a park’s NOI is $700,000, a 10% CAP will price it at 7M, but the park is selling for 5.2M. Is this a probable scenario?

I am trying to figure out creative ways of financing large commercial loans and I can not come up with enough ideas…