Financing Home Purchases

I am looking for creative ways to finance homes to put in my park. Currently when my finances allow it, I buy a nice home for around 15k, put it in my park and resell it for 20-25k and carry the note. It would be great if I could finance these purchases. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

GECapital has a great loan program for mobile home operators. It is prime + 1 to 2 points.


So your paying 9-10% for your money and then what interest rate should Rwynn be charging the buyers?


21st mortgage charges about 12 percent, so you could go with that. That’s what I charge. But for low down payments and bad credit, maybe more?

Hi Dawn

I have 22 lots in Western Arizona. The parcels are owned free and clear. We need funding to develop the project. Please let me know if you have an interest in funding our project. Please let me know what your lending guidelines are. We are currently acquiring more properties.

Looking forward to see how we can work together.

Best regards

Robert Larcara