Financing for a small park in Indiana

I have a 20 space park in Indiana that currently seller financed that is running out. I would like to cash out refi. Anyone know of banks in Indiana that provide lending for small mobile home parks? Thanks!

Try US Bank
Eric K Albers
Vice President
Commercial Bkg Rel Manager
p. 937.332.8321 | a. 937.751.3444 |

An Indiana lender posted an ad on the forums a while back, you might want to search for them , perhaps it was princeton IN?

Here’s an option right next door…in Ohio.

There’s a bank in the Akron area, Farmers National Bank of Canfield.
VP/Loan Officer is Pete Noll, does mobile home parks, and is a really good guy.

Peter J. Noll
Vice President-Commercial Loan Officer
42 McClurg Rd., Suite B
Youngstown, Ohio 44512
Direct Line: 330-747-1570

@Deleted_User_ME below is whom you are referencing I believe.

Hi, my name is Adam Sexton. I’m with The Fountain Trust Company in Covington, IN. I have recently financed a few parks that originated on this site. I wanted to put my contact information on here in case someone is interested in financing or refinancing a park.

Adam Sexton
(765) 793-2237 (office) (email)

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That was it , thanks