Financing/Buying/Sub-metering Questions

I have a few questions about financing,buying, and sub-metering:

  1. The seller is not willing to provide bank statements, but they have given us profit and loss statements, rent rolls, and tax statements. Should this concern us?

  2. The bank is going to require a personal guarantee, so the loan will not be non-recourse. The banker said that this is what we would find with any bank. Is that true?

  3. This might be a dumb question, but would it not make sense to buy any park that is in decent shape, but is not sub-metering their water and sewer currently and sub-meter them for a couple years (so there is a track record of the operating statements) and sell them? It seems like this is an obvious thing to do, the downside I see is that a new buyer may not see any upside in the park. What are your opinions? Thanks.