Field Tile Sewer Lines

Has anyone ever owned or come across a park with “Field Tile” sewer lines?


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If by field tile you mean clay tile then the answer would be all the time.

Hi Phillip. The field tiles are made out of clay however they are just a straight section of pipe with no flare at one to accept the next piece of pipe into it. They are just butted up against each other end to end. I guess they were primarily used on farmland.

Nothing suprises me anymore. It was probably the cheapest product at the time. Not ideal to not have a joint. I can imagine the infiltration would be substantial. Is in on citys sewer or its own system?

The park is on city sewer.

You definitely want to camera the sewer lines. They may have cemented each joint if so infiltration may not be to horrible. If they are not cemented the roots will find any gap as will any ground water