Seems like there are a lot of opinions about whether to fence around yards or to allow fencing , etc. One of my parks has been a constant battle to keep yards clean, skirting in good shape, etc and I noticed at another park that there is a 5 ft wood cedar privacy across all front yards just at the end of the parking pad. It basically hides all the yards and junk in the yards and the bottom part of most of the homes as well as any porches that are not so nice. It would also keep people from parking too far into the yards and bringing boats and trailers into the yards. It may be a little pricey and of course you would have to put a gate on each one but seems like a great way to change the look of a park and really improve curb appeal. If you did it within a year of selling it would still have some of the fresh cedar color to help it look good for buyers.

I would start with some of Rent to Own homes we are trying to get filled as a nice incentive to get people to move in.

Any comments or downside anyone can think of?