Fences (resident requests)

This topic came up several years ago, but I’m curious if anyone has updated their policies.

How are other parks handling fence requests from residents? Do you allow limited 3’ tall fences, or just have a blanket policy of no fences?

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I don’t allow fences. It starts to look like chaos after a bit


I used to allow fences but they all had to be built exactly the same. And they could not be set in concrete. I no longer allow them because 20 years into it, I find they have broken slats that they don’t want to fix or gates that are broken and hanging wonky, or they generally have not aged well, or people would put padlocks on them which is against fire code around here

Originally people said they wanted them so that their kids could play out in the yard and they would not have to worry. Instead they put their barking dogs out there for hours at a time. I tell them now that if they want some kind of barrier to plant hedges.