FEMA Homes Remaining In Our MHP after 18-24 Months?


  • Eastern NC was hit very hard by Hurricane Matthew several months ago and as a result, families have been displaced.
  • Our community has 47 vacant lots with individual electric, water and septic connections already in place.
  • We have been approved by FEMA for up to 47 homes to be moved into our community.
  • New homes will be moved in and set up, with us having the ability to conduct a thorough credit/criminal background check. We intend to conduct a thorough check, as our hope is that good families will stay in the community.
  • I’ve heard that after the 18-24 months, families will have the opportunity to buy their FEMA home.


  • Has anyone out there had FEMA homes purchased by occupants, with them staying in your community after the 18-24 months? If so, what was the process and what can you share to minimize any transition issues?
  • If the occupant is not interested in buying the FEMA home, can the park owner buy the home from FEMA? It seems like that would make sense since the unit is already in the community.

Thanks for your insight!