Felony Applicants

I’ve had an applicant for a home tell me her husband has a felony conviction from 2000. It was for ‘white-collar’ crime - an internet fraud. While I would definitely not take any violent felons, I’m a bit conflicted about this white-collar criminal - mostly because the wife seems decent and able to come up with a $3,000 deposit on a Lonnie Deal. I’d like to be able to say ‘there are no felons in this park’ to future prospective residents. Perhaps I could change that to ‘there are no violent felons in this park.’




In FL we have FS 723.061(b) under the mobile home statue to help. Under FL law we could not turn this tenant down for his felony (probably could turn down for other reasons though, like credit). Your state may have similar? If not, it’s a personal/business choice.


(b) Conviction of a violation of a federal or state law or local ordinance, which violation may be deemed detrimental to the health, safety, or welfare of other residents of the mobile home park. The mobile home owner or mobile home tenant will have 7 days from the date that notice to vacate is delivered to vacate the premises. This paragraph shall be grounds to deny an initial tenancy of a purchaser of a home pursuant to paragraph (e) or to evict an unapproved occupant of a home.


I think that you answered your own question. Secondly,is the man in any way a potential threat to the park or any tenant ? I doubt that he would want to advertise his indiscretion . Little guys are easily convicted;Big guys hardly ever.If his work history and the inquiry with his employer are satisfactory,then I would use my gut feeling for my final decision.

Bernd H.


Can’t a felony be expunged after a certain time frame? Seven or 10 years? I heard it takes about $5K to do it but I doubt a violent felony would be expunged.

I don’t own a park yet but it would seem to me the older the (non-violent) felony, the better.

That being said, I once sold to a 32 y.o. guy who was charged with a felony as an adult because it was 2 days before his 18th birthday. He and some friends stole some stupid stuff from a 'friend," a grill, baseball gloves, cooler, and similar stuff. Unfortunately, they also took his .22 rifle. It is a felony to steal a firearm.

Seems benign enough, and he was candid about this felony. Unfortunately, the system was down when the PM was checking his criminal background and he was approved given that he was honest about this felony conviction. I turns out he had a string of domestic abuse charges with the most recent about 9 mos. prior.

Moral of the story: It may not be the stupid mistake of one old felony that is an issue but a pattern of behavior that is the issue.


My take is much what others have said, I will make exceptions based on someone making a stupid decision years ago…

IF someone made a stupid mistake at 18 and is 25+ married with children and is HONEST with me about what happened and has been clean since I see no reason not to do business with them and have went to bat with PM’s for folks in the past. Even in parks that I have say on who goes in I will run anyone with a felony conviction through the park and in most cases it has worked out OK. (did have one that hadn’t changed but hadn’t been caught… He didn’t last long)

The biggest thing I’m looking for is a history of violence, I’d much rather have a felon that can’t play on the Internet over a non-felon that beats the hell outa their spouse every day of the week.

Not telling me about a problem, Domestic issues, repeated theft, sex offenses, drug trafficking, and violent crimes will get you a no go in our properties cause those are the things that WILL affect the lives of the neighbors on a daily basis, which thus affects my life on a regular basis… every other offence is on a case by case basis, I’m simply looking for decent people that want a decent place to live!

Best wishes,

Ryan Needler