Fantastic Learning Material


I’m amazed at the truly outstanding entries that Fred and Daphne/John have been making lately on their blogs.

These are real people who are in the middle of their very first mobile home park investment. Both have properties that require a tremendous amount of work during the turnaround stage.

They are learning things from the “street” and sharing it all with us.

Read what they have to say, believe me the information will save you a ton of money and headaches on your first/next mobile home park.

What about Fred’s last entry…directly from his rehabber’s point of view…great stuff!

How about John’s last entry…solving infrastructure issues and dealing with local inspectors and agencies…priceless information!

If you haven’t been following their blogs, you are missing out.

Thanks Fred, Rick, Daphne and John for your time and effort on the blogs. Keep up the great work!